Oct 15, 2012

My Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Informatics book has gone live on the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press website (pre-orders).


It has the following chapters (see below). I am going to leak a few pages as a teaser, so I need to know which chapter is most interesting to some random selection of people. Votes will be counted in the comment section for this post.

1. Introduction to DNA Sequencing
Stuart Brown
2. History of Sequencing Informatics
Stuart Brown
3. Visualization of Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Phillip Ross Smith, Kranti Konganti, and Stuart Brown
4. DNA Sequence Alignment
Efstratios Efstathiadis
5. Genome Assembly Using Generalized de Bruijn Digraphs
D. Frank Hsu
6. De Novo Assembly of Bacterial Genomes from Short Sequence Reads
Silvia Argimón and Stuart Brown
7. Genome Annotation
Steven Shen
8. Using NGS to Detect Sequence Variants
Jinhua Wang, Zuojian Tang, and Stuart Brown
9. ChIP-seq
Zuojian Tang, Christina Schweikert, D. Frank Hsu, and Stuart Brown
10. RNA Sequencing with NGS
Stuart Brown, Jeremy Goecks, and James Taylor
11. Metagenomics
Alexander Alekseyenko and Stuart Brown
12 High-Performance Computing in DNA Sequencing Informatics
Efstratios Efstathiadis


Anonymous said...

Cool! Chapter 3 would be good.

rocketprince said...
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rocketprince said...

I am particularly interested in chapters 10 and 9 (in that order). Looking forward to reading the whole book.

Anonymous said...

Chapters 3, 7, 12.. Looking forward to read the whole book!

Anonymous said...

Just received my copy from oxford/CSHL

Anonymous said...

chapter 10