Dec 15, 2011

Job Opening: Sequencing Informatics Scientist

One of my very good informatics people is leaving at the end of the year, so I have a job vacancy to fill in our Sequencing Informatics unit (funded as an Institutional core to support our Nex-Gen Sequencing Lab and our investigators, not from any one grant). I want someone with either a Masters and some experience with Next-Gen sequencing informatics, or a PhD. (bioinformatics or computer science, or something similar) who is looking for a more stable, service oriented position, rather than the usual highly competitive postdoc.  There will be opportunity for both collaborative and independent work on various projects, and publications are expected. UNIX/Perl/Java skills are necessary.

The job previously involved informatics support for 454 sequencing, but that turned out to be less than 30% of the actual work. Looking forward, our Microbiome work will be done mostly on Illumina, bacterial genomes on Illumina... you get the idea. Send cv's to