Aug 9, 2012

New Blog on Next Generation Sequencing

I have started writing a new blog "channel" about Next Generation Sequencing for a website called BiteSizeBio. The first article went live today:

NGS- A Revolution in Technology

These articles will be more basic and broad then the internal lab stuff (and random personal observations) that I post here. I plan to write about one per month, and I will probably post links here when they go live.

Aug 8, 2012

I gave a short presentation at the NYU CTSI Translational Research in Progress seminar this week about our sequencing work on strains of Streptococcus mutans associated with severe tooth decay in children.  We sequenced and did de novo assembly on each of 20 strains, then did an in silico subtraction to find unique genomic elements associated with health or disease.

the details are in this PDF file:

Aug 1, 2012

I led a workshop on 7/31/2012 about NGS for Drug Development at this Hanson Wade conference in Boston:

NGS Bioinformatics for Drug Developers

I made a huge PPT slide deck to fill 2 hours, but in the workshop we ended up in a multi-way discussion for most of the time, so I never got to show half the slides.  I am posting them on
so I don't feel like the effort was wasted.

NGS drug dev PPT slides