Oct 19, 2008

Commercial Software

A large number of vendors are developing or adapting products to server the Next-Gen Sequencing market.  I will try to collect as much info as possible here with very brief description of functions. We can add comments or review pages for each. 

A LIMS and analysis system for complete lab management workflow

A LIMS system that tracks sample submission, automates analysis pipeline commands, and keeps track of the resulting data.

both desktop and server based NG Genomics tools, assembly, chip-seq, transcriptome,

solutions for transcript mapping (digital gene expression)  and Chip-seq with an emphasis on mapping sequence tags to annotated genome regions (TF binding sites).

A full service bioinformatics pipeline and consultant as an online service - if you have a next-gen machine and no bioinformatics support!!

desktop solution for assembly of NG data.

from Softgenetics
de novo assembly, SNP detection, and transcriptome/digital gene expression


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It is good to see so many people taking initiative and giving us a good info on Commercial Software... Thanks a ton for sharing this useful information...

Commercial Software

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LIMS Software has become the accepted regulatory norm for all enterprises laboratories. The need to comply with industry regulation has led to a new wave of web based LIMS Software to hit the market. STARLIMS is one of the leading companies developing laboratory management information systems that are both effective and incredibly cost efficient.